Tala and DeNiro

German Shepherd - Wolf Hybrid Pups
Seven Wolf Hybrid Pups

On Wednesday 12-13-2018, Tala birthed 7 gorgeous Wolf Hybrid pups. (Percentages and details below). They are amazing. Four males and three females. 2 blacks and 5 blonds.
1 black Male, 1 black Female.  Available for transfer to new forever families after February 5th, 2019.

Call: 970-379-2744.



Peru is the only pup left. I think he is the pick of the litter that just got overlooked. He is hoping for an awesome forever family to get him as as soon as possible.

Here are the three that are still waiting to be claimed for new forever homes:

3 wolf hybrid pups ready for forever homes
At 11 weeks

Here are the one-month old individual pics of the pups (Pics taken 01-13-19):

75% German Shepherd and 24% Wolf Hybrid
Shadow – Black and Red  (with splash of Arctic White) – Female – Shadow got a forever home!
German Shepherd Wolf Hybrid Pup
Oscar – Black and Red (with  of Arctic White) Oscar is now with his forever family. Congratulations Amy, Devin and Violet
German Shepherd Blond Wolf Hybrid
Jasmine – Blond Female – Jasmine is with her Forever  Family in Carbondale. Congratulations Orianna and Family
German Shepherd White Wolf Hybrid
MaverickBlond Male – Maverick is now with his forever Family. Congratulations Amy and Family
German Shepherd White Wolf Hybrid
Sasquatch – Blond Male – Sasquatch is with his Forever Family  in Aurora. Congratulations Erick
German Shepherd Blond Wolf Hybrid
Peru – Blond Male – Available!
German Shepherd Blond Wolf Hybrid
Twinkles – Blond Female – Twinkles is with forever family in Craig!

Great News! There are German Shepherd Wolf Hybrid pups here!

Tala and DeNiro have mated. On Saturday, October 13th and again on Sunday October 14th, they conjoined.

Tala, is a daughter from Luna’s last litter.  Her father was Rex, a short-haired German Shepherd in Paonia, Colorado. Tala is 50% German Shepherd, 48% Arctic White/North American Red Wolf and 2% Malamute/Husky.

Wolf Hybrid Tala
This is Tala ( 3 years, 57 pounds)
White/Red Wolf  hybrid with German Shepherd

More about Tala’s Mother.
Luna was 48% Arctic White Wolf and 47% North American Red Wolf, hybrid with 3% Siberian Husky and 2% Alaskan Malamute.

White Wolf Hybrids - Luna
This is Luna – 69 pounds Lot’sa head, shoulders and bushy tail galore!
(Tala’s Mother)

Luna White Wolf Hybrid Video (Download .MOV)

DeNiro is a pedigreed, AKC Registered, 100% long-haired German Shepherd. DeNiro is from a celebrated lineage.

Pure Line German Shepherd
This is Deniro
(Celebrity AKC German Shepherd Lineage)

More about the sire: DeNiro is the son of Carmen von Hirschberg whose mother, Asia was bred in Germany to VA Fulz di Zenevredo, Carmen is the grand daughter of German VA Furbo and on the dam’s side, the grand daughter of German VA Chacco.

Carment German Shepherd Princess
This is Carmen
(DeNiro’s mother)
German Shepherd Princess, Carmen
Carmen in the Snow

DeNiro is the offspring of Carmen von Hirschberg x Polish import UFO Riwal Hof.

UFO - Royal Polish German Shepherd
This is UFO
(DeNiro’s Father)
Polish German Shepherd UFO Riwal Hof
UFO Riwal Hof
Royal Polish German Shepherd


DeNiro and Tala’s pup’s will be 75% German Shepherd, 23.5% Wolf and 1.5% Husky/Malamute.

I know a lot of you have been waiting up to three years for one of our pups.  Please check back on this page for updates.

DeNiro’s pups (with AKC Certification papers) fetch $2500.

Tala’s pups with DeNiro will be $1250. I am a hobby breeder. I don’t have a merchant account and I don’t want a check from a bank that requires my finger print to cash, which has happened at both Alpine Bank and Wells Fargo recently.  In other words, cash only please.

Email me if you are interested in one of these wolf hybrid pups. Please put “Wolf Pups” in the subject line as that is how I search first for you and those who are most serious.



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    1. Skyler, there should be one soon. Can you shoot me an email with “wolf pups” in the subject? The pups are five weeks into gestation. Once I have sexes and pics of newborns I’ll be notifying people from m inbox first. Thanks, Robert

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