Julia and Sitka

If you are looking for Wolf Malamute hybrid pups (with a splash of Husky) Good News Friends!

Julia is pregnant. She got together with Sitka.

Ok, We have pics of the pups! I am interrupting this page to post them here, near the top. There were 5 pups, 3 boys and 2 girls.

Wolf pup #1
it’s a girl!


Wolf pup #2
it’s a boy!
Wolf pup #3
it’s a boy!
Wolf pup #4
it’s a boy!


Wolf pup #5, it's a girl!
This female is claimed.

The pups will be ready for

Wolf Malamute Hybrid
This is Papa. His name is Sitka. Sitka is a professional dog model.

transfer to their forever families the first week of January, 2018.

Julia is 95% White and Red Wolf and 5% Siberian Husky.

We are still waiting on the DNA test returns for Sitka but we believe he is 40% Gray Wolf and 60% Alaska Malamute.

This will make this litters wolf hybrid pups:

67% Wolf, 30% Malamute and 3% Husky.

This is Mom. Julia is a high percentage Wolf/Husky hybrid.

Send me an email if you want to be notified when pups are available to visit.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  I recommend you bookmark this post and check back for birth announcements and puppy pictures.

Awesome News Friends!

On October 30th, Julia gave birth to 5 pups. Four males and one female. Stay tuned, I’ll be putting up some pics in a couple weeks after eyes are open and distinguishing characteristics appear.

We wish we had a pup for every good home who has inquired however there were only 5 pups this litter. Stay tuned, Although Julia is being retired from breeding, in the spring we may be breeding Tala, Sanza and Opal; there could be more than and dozen beautiful Colorado wolf hybrid pups available soon.


18 Replies to “Julia and Sitka”

  1. I’m really interested in a wolf hybrid puppy. Please let me know when pictures are available and if you have determined a price.

    Thank you!!

  2. I would like to see pictures as soon as you can also the price of them 🙂 I had a Hybrid timber wolf for almost 17 yrs and lost him last year 🙁 there has been a HUGE hole in my heart and I think now is the time to fill it! 🙂 I live in Las Cruces NM and would be able to drive up there for he/she.

  3. Hello, I’m interested in a puppy. Looking for a male. Please contact me and let me know if they are still available. Thank you

  4. I am interested in a wolf hybrid male puppy. Please let me know when you will be having a litter or if you have some now.

    1. Jason, I totally missed this a couple years ago. If you are still interested in a wolf hybrid pup we have two litters coming in December.

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