German Shepherd Wolf Hybrid Puppies for Sale

UPDATE JULY 19, 2017… Unfortunately, it looks like Rebel shot blanks this time. Tala did not have any puppies and she should have had them by July 7-10. Sorry for the false alert, this has never happened before. My brother and I do have three viable wolf hybrid females and a couple of them should come into heat in the Fall. If so we will have January pups. Stay tuned…

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Tala and Rebel – Full Flower Moon Conception

Good News! We will have German Shepherd Wolf hybrid puppies for sale in September 2017.

On May 10, 2017 Tala met Rebel in Grand Junction. They hit it off like the best of friends and definitely took a liking to each other in puppy ways too. A new litter of Colorado Wolf hybrid pups has been conceived on the “Flower” Full Moon of May. Keep checking back, we will post updates, such as Vet confirmation of pregnancy, Birth day announcement and lots of pics.

Tala is 2 years old.
50% German Shepherd, 48% White and Red Wolf, 2% Siberian Husky

Rebel is 6 years old (Service Trained)
85% Gray Wolf, 15% Siberian Husky

The Pups will be:
67% Wolf, 25% German Shepherd and 8% Siberian Husky

Stamina, Loyalty, Intelligence, Strength, Obedience, Protection, Grace

More coming…

While we are waiting I thought I just put up some pics of the pure breed and in the wild lineages that the pups are comprised of so until they are born you can imagine what they will look like. Arctic White Wolf, Gray Wolf, Red Wolf, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd. (My early guess is white with red hues and black snouts)…

Arctic White Wolf (Tala’s matriarchal great grand father was 100%)
German Shepherd (Tala’s Father was 100%)
Siberian Husky (Rebel is 15% and Tala’s matriarchal grand parents were both hybrid with Siberian Husky)
White Colored "Gray Wolf"
Gray Wolf (in the wild some Gray Wolfs are white in color like this one. Rebel is 85% and looks very much like this one )
Red Wolf (Tala’s matriarchal grand father was 95%)


ok, so bookmark this page and check back in early July…

43 Replies to “German Shepherd Wolf Hybrid Puppies for Sale”

  1. Eric, we are breeding mostly blond wolf mixes. This litter should be white and red with some black in the face. Sorry, no black wolf hybrids in our stock.

  2. Hello I was interested in purchasing one of these pups, I was wondering the application/down payment fee and what information I need to send where. Thank you

    1. Hi Dylan. The litter should be born around July 4th and ready for transfer to new forever families 8 weeks later (second week of September). The females will be $1200 and the males will be $1000. I’ll email you my phone #.


  3. I would love to be able to purchase one of the new puppies. Is there a way to “hold” one or to get updates directly?

  4. I am interested in one the puppies from your upcoming litter. I was wondering if I would need to put a deposit down or how your process works.

  5. Hi my husband and I would be interested also in one of your puppies if you could email me back the information that would be great thank you !

  6. Great news that Tala and Rebel mated. I am just checking in on the blog as suggested and see that pups will be born around July 4th. The dates including full moon conception and early July birth seem solid. My husky/shepherd was born on a full moon and she is amazing – probably more due to parentage but still you ever know!

    Just letting you know that I am still very interested and will stay in touch. Thanks, Leslie (and Shea)

  7. Is there something I should also be doing including contacting you via cell phone or filling out an application? LLD

    1. Not yet Leslie. I’m taking Tala back in for another pregnancy check in about a week. Then I’ll update this post.

  8. Shea is spayed so I am not looking for a male for breeding. She just seems to get along better w males. LLD

  9. I am looking for an adventure dog! One that hike with me 3-5 times a week. We just pet sit a full grown wolf hybrid for a week and a half and it went great! I would like to know more about this at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

  10. Very interested I grew up with wolf hybrids and have wanted to get another one I love how majestic they are and are amazing and great dogs please let me know more information on the puppies such as prices and such I would prefer a male

  11. Hello I am interested in more information of the puppies, can you email me how payment blood lines, picture of parents, and temperament of parents.

  12. on 6-14, I took Tala to the Vet for a pregnancy check. He told me that at 3.5 weeks he can usually feel them and they are the size of acorns. He could not feel any. He said they could be sitting behind the liver and asked me to return at week 5 for another check.

  13. I would like to know health issues and estimated life expectancy. Searching for my next Service Dog. My female companion is 11 years old and getting ready to retire. She will make a great surrogate mama and assist with training so need a male pup. Do you plan any future breedings? Planning for next spring.

    1. Patricia, with good food and exercise expectancy should be 8-12 years. No health issues I’m aware of. One of the appeals of hybrids is that healthy primordial wild genes are being re-infused into lineages that have modern complications from over breeding. For instance, with a German Shepherd-Wolf hybrid, the problems German Shepherds have with hip failures is a thing of the past. The wolf genes help clean up those type of issues.

      Future breeding? Yes. Over next seven years, Tala should be able to give us 4 healthy litters. Fingers crossed for current one.

  14. Hi I was hoping I could get an update on when you might try to breed these two again or if you have any other GSD Wolfhybrids mid to high content that will be ready soon. I recently lost my one year only GSD, he was stuck by a car in front our home and our Husky is becoming depressed from being alone and losing his great friend we’re interested in a female companion for him he is neutered but our family friend has a husky-german shepherd-wolf mix mid content he wants to mate soon.

    1. Tala, is only in heat in the Spring. Her aunt Julia just got pregnant though and pups ready in January.
      Can you introduce me to your family friend with the Husky/GS/wolf Hybrid?

  15. Hi there! I’ve always wanted a wolf hybrid. Are the German shepherd crosses prone to hip displacement? I’d love a little black faced male up! Let me know more about when your expecting the next litter. Do you have any Siberian husky or malamute crosses available at the moment?

    1. Laura, it looks like Tala (Our 1/2 wolf-1/2 German Shephard is only in heat in the Spring. But her Aunt, Julia is likely pregnant now and her wolf/malamute/Husky pups will be ready for new homes in January. Watch blog for updates.

  16. Hi there. Tried to reach you through email without success. But definitely interested in the current litter. Male puppy. Any pics would be awesome.

  17. Hello, I’m looking for a wolf hybrid. The higher the content the better. I’m familiar with wolves already having fostered one for 2 years from a pup until he was 2 and having a second boy but sadly loosing him to my X in a divorce. I’d like to have another companion now that it’s been a year. Please let me know what you have available.. I’d like a male and as I said, the higher the content the better.. yes, I have the proper containment and he would be getting a fantastic home and I would be so excited to have what would be basically my brother home with me.. I don’t work, so I will be home with him practically all day unless I need to step out for whatever reason and can’t take Mr. wolf with me. I have a 10 year old son who is also familiar with wolves and wants another again.

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