Wolf Moon Pups

All of these pups are in their new forever homes. Please book mark this blog and check back in June for announcements. Thank you.

On January 12, 2017, The “Wolf Moon” Full Moon, Julianna birthed 7 Wolf Hybrid Pups. These are Colorado Wolf pups. 5 Females, 2 Males.

Colorado wolf pups - picture of newborns

Julianna is 95% White and Red Wolf and 5% Husky Malamute.

The Stud, Rebel, is 85% Arctic White Wolf and 15% Husky Malamute.

Both reside in Western Colorado.

Pups will be ready for new forever families in 8 weeks.  Check back to see more photos.

Females are $1500
Males are $1300


Here’s the newborns at end of Week One. Eyes not open yet: Picture of 6 Colorado Wolf pups


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More pics… eyes open…

If you want one of these Wolf pups, email me your First and Last Name and Phone Number and we will call you to arrange a visit in Grand Junction, CO…


Thor is a boy – At forever home
River is a girl – At forever home
Opal is a girl – At forever home
Kashar is a boy -At forever home
Aspen is a girl – At forever home
Brook is a girl – At forever home
Willow is a girl – At forever home

All of this litter is in thier new forever homes. Check back in June for news of any expected litters.


19 Replies to “Wolf Moon Pups”

  1. We are former Wolf Hybrid owners. We lost our Timbra after 11 years. She was 13. Best animal we ever owned. We are interested in a white pup.

  2. Hi! I am interested in a male. I have never owned a wolf hybrid before but I am very eager to learn to work with one and to bring a new family member home!

        1. Yes please. I’d like to set up a meeting soon. I live in Denver so I need a couple weeks heads up so I can rent a car to come over. I will shoot you an email with my number.

  3. Hi, I sent an email before I saw the thread. I would like to come see the puppies tomorrow, 18 FEB if at all possible. Thank you.


    1. Sorry Alysa, all the Wolf-Moon litter have made it to their forever homes. Check back on this blog for announcements of new litters.

  4. Also, I live along the Colorado Front Range. Would want to visit in person if I purchase from you to select the right pup for me. My present dog’s name is Luna. Again, I am looking to acquire a pup next spring.

  5. I lost my husband last November to cancer. A month later I lost Diablo 12 yr old Wolf/Husky Malmute. Then, in April, I lost Katie (Diablo’s sister). Had to put the cat down in September. I live south of Gallup, NM, but am spending this winter in AZ with my horse. My heart is so empty and I know I need to get two more puppies. I definitely want a brother and sister. They were just the best!!! I would introduce them to people as puppies when they were 95 lbs. We never had to worry about them chewing things up since they had each other to play with, although Diablo did get a whole roast off of the kitchen counter one time when we left the room. As they got older, they would sit on the front porch and watch the deer graze in the yard and got along well with a cat. I would like to come visit sometime after April when I return. I have 5 acres fenced (horse has half, but puppies can go all over the 5 acres. I live at 7,200 feet and forest is all around us. It’s a perfect place for puppies to grow up.

  6. Robert I lost my best friend after 15 yrs of friendship. I am very interested in another hybrid wolf pup. Please let me know what’s available. Thx

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