Wolf Hybrid Stud

Meet Orion. We decided to keep Orion because he was the biggest, flumpiest one of his litter. We’re glad we did keep him and starting Spring 2017 Orion is available for Wolf hybrid stud services.

Picture of Orion - Blonde Wolf Hybrid at 6 months of age
Orion at 6 months, December 2016

Orion’s Lineage:
Mother: Juliana – 95% White and Red Wolf, 5% Husky Malamute
Father: Rebel – 85% Arctic White Wolf, 15% Malamute

*In Grand Junction. $1000, or Pick of the litter.
*At your place within 100 miles of GJ. $1200, or Pick of the litter + $200
*At your place more than 100 miles from GJ. $1400, or Pick of the litter + $400

Contact us if you are serious.

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  1. Do u have any hybrid!puppies available? I am from Nebraska and am interested in purchasing a wolf hybrid puppy.

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